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IBG Contact Management System

Welcome to our consultant contacts system. When operational, this will allow individual consultants to upload and maintain their experience and expertise details in our consultant database. This database will be used by IBG to make searches for particular consultant expertise or experience when planning our projects.

Secure data

Each consultant will be given a confidential username and password, which will give them access at anytime through the web to create or update their personal information.

This web-based system is a secure, confidential computer database which is only searchable here at IBG. The system will allow for the input of a wide range of consultant criteria, and will also accept personal annotations if the consultant desires to provide some.

Full biodata

The database information will be supported by hard copy files (full CV's, Biodata etc) for each consultant kept separately on rotoscan, and will be accessed once the database has identified possible candidates.

Planned release

We hope to have the system live in the first quarter of 2006. Please contact us if you wish to know more EmailSend email to International