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Landcare Research & International Development

Landcare Research is New Zealand's leading environmental consultancy and research company with vast resources, capacity and experience in international development projects.  It focuses on sustainable land management practices including the economic, social and cultural impacts of using land resources.

Landcare Research New Zealand Ltd

Landcare Research, a Crown Research Institute, was established in July 1992 and comprises two broad science portfolios, each containing five science teams:

Biological Systems

Environment & Society

Strong links with conservation, agriculture, forestry, water and atmosphere research groups enable us to provide information on and solutions to vital questions concerning land, soil, plants, animals and their interaction.

Over 400 Landcare Research staff are involved in delivering high quality science and practical results through research, consultancy advice, technological developments, education and training programmes.

International Business Group

Landcare Research’s specialised International Business Group (IBG)

The International Business Group (IBG) facilitates the international development project activities of Landcare Research New Zealand Ltd.  IBG co-ordinates the marketing and delivery of consultancy services to international clients and provides professional project development and management services to staff undertaking international consultancies.  IBG actively pursues international opportunities for over 400 in-house scientific and technical Landcare Research staff.  Our highly experienced staff have worked on projects in over 40 countries particularly in the Pacific and Asia, but also in Africa, North and South America, and Antarctica.

Funding for IBG managed projects comes from a number of international agencies including:

The IBG works in a variety of ways with clients and partners in developing countries to implement aid and capacity building projects and programmes.  IBG collaborate with in–country staff, individuals and organizations/departments ensuring a participatory approach to the provision of technical assistance and the development of applied research techniques and skills.  IBG clients include bilateral and multilateral agencies, governments and government agencies plus NGOs and private stakeholders.  Linkages with partners span more than 20 years and have contributed a great deal to a variety of land management and environmental development activities during this time.

IBG staff provides services in project feasibility, project design and project management, drawing on comprehensive and prestigious scientific research expertise and resources exclusively available to IBG from within Landcare Research.  The preparation of detailed plans for implementation is achieved with IBG working alongside clients and partners at the commencement of the project scoping.  IBG are committed to delivering high quality, workable programmes through research, consultancy advice, technological development, and capacity building with a focus on transferring specialised knowledge and experience to project partners enabling programmes continue to develop post project.  Training can be provided locally or participants seconded to our facilities in New Zealand.

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